from by Lake Coma



Thank you to my lovely friend Anna Rovirosa for singing on this far better than I ever could.


I was a stupid more sexist boy, back when my thoughts were consumed by things I don’t enjoy
my head filled up with smoke, surpass the point that preference spoke, till you’re choking on my fingers, disappointment lingers
between these cold feet, that barely even meet.

I am a stupid and senseless boy, all my words to be consumed by someone else’s voice
You said I had something to say, worth putting on a page, or writing in a song, wherever they belong
But does my voice drown out someone more worthy than I?

Coming down in a gender neutral toilet
Spent my life occupying places that I shouldn’t
Let's talk about all my white boy bullshit
I’ll say I hate myself and boredom is a privilege


from FOMO, released October 20, 2016




Lake Coma Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

noisey bedroom emo for stormy nights in yr bedroom

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