lcd soundsystem is playing 'daft punk is playing at my house' at my house

from by Lake Coma



Surrounded by 90’s sportswear fashion
To the point where I’m wondering if the door to this apartment
Is a time machine, hence all the eyes glued to me
But it’s all just in my head

So I fake buzz from my pocket
Press phone to ear but then begins to ring proper
(ah shit)

call from my friend asking when my heart break will end
My best guess suggests that the sadness has already left
But I still cling to the final few remnants
“defies all logic” note the panel of experts

So I fake loss of signal
“Yeh I think we’re breaking up, I can hardly hear you”
A tired cliche but I say it all the same

And I’m scared that i’ve lost it, take my feelings hostage
Negotiate demands through long winded postage
Hikikomori, oh I’m so fucking boring, lament the existence of my least favourite organ


from FOMO, released October 20, 2016




Lake Coma Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

noisey bedroom emo for stormy nights in yr bedroom

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